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Barry Eaton’s Fascinating Book “Afterlife”

Based on his own amazing experiences of life between lives and numerous communications with those who have passed over, Barry Eaton answers many questions about the spirit world you’ve been longing to ask.

* What happens when someone dies and what does it feel like?

* Do we all go to the same place?

* How can we communicate with those in the afterlife?

* Are we reunited with family and friends after we die?

* Can we still enjoy activities such as sport, movies and even sex?

* Do people in the afterlife watch over us?

* How do people who die in accidents, war or disasters fare?

* Is there such a place as hell?

These questions and a lot more are addressed in Afterlife

To order your copy of  “Afterlife”  online please contact the publishers Allen & Unwin –

 **** Tarcher, an imprint of Penguin Books published “Afterlife” in the US in August 2013 – copies are now available in bookstores across the country.

 ##  Afterlife is published in Hungary and Slovakia and also in the Czech Republic in their native languages.

Afterlife is also available on Amazon in both printed and e book versions, as well as many other online distributors.

***  SPECIAL NOTE!  “No Goodbyes” – Barry Eaton’s continuing investigation into the afterlife was released in Australia & New Zealand by Allen & Unwin in March 2014.  Tarcher plan to publish No Goodbyes in their Spring release program in 2015

No Goodbyes presents fascinating new information about life contracts, soul development, past lives, animals in spirit, the puzzling question of time and a lot more.  Controversial topics discussed include the impact of negativity and addictions on spirits returning to the afterlife, consulting psychics and mediums, world chaos, and a lot more about free will vs destiny.

6 Responses to “Barry Eaton’s Fascinating Book “Afterlife””

  • heaard you onand coast to coast was very excited understood you quite well .would like to speak with you about my experiences and how to get your book afterlife thank you very much i am just learning the computer sorry for the mistakes.

  • Hi, Afterlife is now available in most bookstores or through sites like Amazon…. Barry

  • Joy Ohman:

    I listened to you on the George Noory Coast to Coast Show and got goosebumps. Synchronicity was in full bloom that day and you were the unifying element! Although I am certified in hypnosis, I mainly added that to my “toolkit” for it’s portability, anesthetic use, and as a community resource in times of crisis.

    I have ALWAYS felt drawn to this form of service and you have inspired me to follow up on it. It will be needed. Where do I go on this island to receive the training and confidence I need? No Spiritualist Churches in the phone book and I have no money for courses. Eastern religions and Huna are the flavor of the day here and contacting the dead in this fashion doesn’t seem to be in favor in their traditions.

    Do you know anyone here or have any suggestions? I am now eager to get started. Even my horoscope today said I’d better get crackin’ on my community obligations! Thank you for any insight you may offer!

  • Dave D:


    Heard you on coast to coast. Just had a question or two. If the lessons we learn in this life and the information and growth that we accumulate in this life experience are remebered by our souls, how is this transfered to the next life as we are completely clueless when we are born again and have no way to access it in the next life. It just seems as though its a never ending cycle of learning the same life lessons over and over and over and never getting anywhere. This concerns me as I may not have long left here on this go round. I just don’t want to go through the same hells as i have in this life. Try as i might, i cannot remeber anything from other lives. I’ve learned so much here and i dont want to loose all the info i have once i die.

  • It’s all in the book Dave…

  • Try going to new age type shops and bookstores, they often have contact information boards, or just ask. Intention is a key motivator. B

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