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Heart Breaking Loss of a Loved One

Losing someone you love is heart breaking. But more often than not there is a gift for the surviving partner when people pass away. Sometimes it is hard to see what this gift is as emotions tend to cloud our mind. My gift was the opportunity to communicate with those in the world of spirit. As this gift developed it began to accelerate my interest and growth in spiritual matters. Gradually my work as a broadcaster took second place because this new world was so fascinating.

At the time of (my partner) Judy’s passing we were running a radio program called “Celestial Power”. No prizes for guessing the theme of the program!

The title of the show was given to us one night by Judy’s deceased father Bill. This was quite fitting as Bill had been an off course bookmaker in his previous life. He gave us a great racing tip, a horse named Celestial Power. It romped in the following Saturday at 14 to 1, so of course we just had to use the name for the show. Celestial Power was the start of a successful program that evolved into my current program RadioOutThere. Unfortunately there were no more racing tips from Bill after that. He was obviously a one tip pony.

A few months after she passed over I was anxious for news from Judy in spirit, even if it was only to confirm my belief in the afterlife. Quite often a medium’s message from loved ones on the other side are simply ‘survival evidence’, letting you know they still exist. Survival evidence comes in many forms. It may be a message about the way they died or some other personal detail unknown to the medium. Spirit is very clever at choosing details only a loved one would know about. This can be enough for those left behind grieving, desperately wanting something to hold onto.

One of my most popular guests on Celestial Power was Ruth Wilson, a well known talented medium. Ruth got to meet Judy only a week or so before her passing.  Then Ruth unexpectedly rang me three months later. Judy had come to her from spirit and wanted to contact me. This filled me with delight. The morning of the appointment I turned up half an hour late as I was still full of grief and very confused and had written the wrong time in my diary.

Ruth was waiting for me impatiently at her front door and whisked me in to her living room, saying “Judy has a whole lot of people waiting for you… you’re late”. I looked around the room and thought they must be hiding in cupboards or something, because I couldn’t see a soul. It turned out the room was actually full of souls. My parents, an uncle or two, a cousin not long passed over and a lot of other deceased family members and friends were all there. Judy had organised the gathering as my advance Christmas present. She described each of them to Ruth, who then passed on appropriate messages to me……..

The Soul’s Path

The more I delved into this area, the more I came to realise the way the soul separates from the body varies with each person. When Judy spoke to me for the first time through (the medium) Ruth she recalled that when her time came to leave this life, a pair of soft hands were extended to her. “I was gently lifted clear of my physical body,” she explained

Judy was fortunate as she had prepared for her ‘curtain call’. This may seem a strange thing to say, but it is something that many people with a spiritual or religious background do, as it makes the transition much easier. Judy had been counselled by Peter Ramster in her final weeks. He helped her heal spiritually before she passed over. This meant she was able to tie up a lot of loose ends from this lifetime. Peter is a talented psychologist skilled in dream therapy, as well as in past life regression. He later told me that during the night before Judy’s passing he had a dream of two white doves landing on the window sill next to her hospital bed and calling her soul to leave the body. Her soul then took on the appearance of a third dove, after which they all flew away together.

The image stayed with us both for many weeks. Afterwards I realised that Peter had not been to the hospital where Judy had been admitted the night before her passing, so he had no idea of the layout of the ward. Judy was in a large room and had the only bed adjacent to the window. Peter’s dream took on new significance for us both after that.Many people believe that angels take on the form of birds when they come to earth. Perhaps that is where the image of angel’s wings was born. Another interesting point was that several months earlier Judy  told me about a dream in which she was visited by an angelic presence, who gave her the choice of staying in a pain wracked body or returning to spirit. At the time I selfishly prayed she would stay, but I now know she made the right choice.   So, where do we go?

There are several directions the soul, now an astral body, can go after ‘death’. Most souls are guided gently by loved ones waiting to escort them on their journey back to the spirit realms. However others can find themselves……..

Reader’s comments.

…”Just wanted to say thanks for writing ‘afterlife’ – I found it very comforting and inspiring after my mum recently passed over.  It was simply written and it made perfect sense.  It made me stop at the end of almost every page and question my thoughts, expectations, attitudes and how I live my life”.

Diane H, Sydney Australia

…”Barry’s words promote hope, wonder and fascination. I highly recommend that you begin reading and see for yourself”

Richard Hill – Psychotherapist, Author and Director of the Mind Sciences Institute

…”This compelling and beautifully written personal journey will open your eyes to the wonder of the dimension beyond that which the eye can see”

Penny Goode – Mediator

…”I’m having trouble putting the book down, as I am always eager to get to the next part.  Thank you for writing such a no nonsense account of the afterlife and your own experiences.”

Fiona C

…”Congratulations, you must be so proud of your achievements and if not you should be. It’s very easy flowing compared to some books that seem to go over the same topic many times in different ways per chapter.

Dawn,    Sydney Australia