US Radio and TV Appearances for Barry Eaton talking about Afterlife

 Coast to Coast AM on Thursday 15th August 2013 with George Noory . Premier Radio Network to 564 stations. Full three hour interview now available in C2C archives.

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Uncommon Awareness broadcast on Thursday 15th August with Dr. Lorraine Hurley –

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VividLife Radio on blogtalk radio with Kristen White September 11th

** September 27th at 7pm “The Bob Charles Show” on the Web Based Radio Station – The Bob Charles Show is streamlined on 5 other web radio stations, and is heard worldwide (approx. 100 countries).


Veritas Radio with Mel Fabrigas  ……………..


US Book Reviews

Retailing Insight (online) 

review, August 2013 issue

Afterlife: Uncovering the Secrets of Life After Death

Barry Eaton
$16.95 P, 9780399166129, Tarcher/Penguin

Barry Eaton, an Australian radio and TV personality with psychic and clairvoyant skills, presents his personal fascination and experience with life after death in his compelling compilation, Afterlife: Uncovering the Secrets of Life After Death. He reveals some of his own, very personal episodes of losing loved ones and tracing their paths using automatic writing and direct channeling through his personal guide, “M.” He weaves his own observations and results with his radio-interviewed subjects and other authors and speakers of the afterlife.

Eaton has an animated style, describing the journey of the soul through layers of lifetimes. Numerous chapters chronicle the work our souls are engaged in while we are here in our current lives and the dynamic tension of karma. He reveals that, ultimately, after our death the soul finds itself in a similar vibration on the other side as it did on the earth plane, which could be good news for some souls and not so great for others.

Eaton’s Afterlife is concise and detailed, covering considerable ground on the subject of life after death, without being overwhelming or heavy. He manages to keep it light and friendly, yet serious. Every reader will find something to connect with in this book or open up completely to new ideas.




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REVIEW   Nexus Magazine

‘This stunning book describes the passage from life through death and into the afterlife – as much as it can be grasped by us on this side of the fence. Afterlife is the first book by long-time Australian radio and TV presenter Barry Eaton, who has worldwide audiences for his Net-based program. A psychic himself, Eaton has had many like-minded friends make an impact on his life, and he retells his and their stories with sensitivities and clarity.

‘Age-old questions to do with fear of death, where we go when we die and whether there is punishment for suicide are all covered here. There are reports on ghost hauntings, the light at the end of the tunnel, the astral healing centre and soul families. There are activities in the afterlife, communications beyond the grave and preparations for the next life to consider. Eaton confronts his past incarnation as a soldier who died at the Somme during World War 1, and he brings many insights from his research and experiences.

‘Afterlife is a profound book written from the heart in the light of truth.’ — Ruth Parnell, Nexus magazine


***  I was asked to appear on many radio shows all around Australia following the release of Afterlife with interviewers showing great interest in the subject for the most part. In fact only one presenter seemed cynical, a DJ in Canberra, asking me if I have been called “a wack job” because of my book’s contents.  I just laughed, and he left it at that and then tries to ask a sensible question.